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Washer Repair

For Certified washer repairs in Calgary, contact APPLIANCE MATTERS Appliance Repair for same-day repair services carried out by highly-skilled, licensed technicians.

Our number one focus here at APPLIANCE MATTERS is honesty and our second one is quality. We want to provide the best services to our customers, because we believe honest and quality is the foundation for our business model. That is the reason why our customers love us. Our experts will make sure your appliances are back up and running as if they were new in no time. We provide same-day residential kitchen appliance repair.

Keep your laundry appliances running efficiently


Laundry appliances are often overlooked when it comes to home appliance maintenance, because most people take them for granted as working forever. It is rare that homeowners make routine maintenance or check ups for washers and dryers. However, just like kitchen appliances, laundry appliances also need routine check up and maintenance. This is where our residential laundry appliance repair services comes in handy.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines along with dryers play a big role in our everyday lives. Therefore, taking care of them is crucial. If you are noticing leaking issues or other it is time to call 587-894-6180 and schedule an appointment with our licensed and experts Technician.

Detecting A Problem With Your Washer

Having experienced the vast majority of washing machine problems over the years, we’ve put together a list of common issues to look out for. If you encounter any of the scenarios below, contact APPLIANCE MATTERS Appliance Repair for washer repair in Calgary and surrounding areas.

The washer is leaking

Water leaks around electrical equipment pose a serious hazard. A leaking washing machine may be due to several causes, including loose hoses, excess soap, clogged drain pipes, and leaky pumps.

The washer won’t start

When your washer doesn’t switch on, this is often due to a load imbalance, which can be solved by redistributing your clothes. However, it may be due to a more serious issue, such as the timer circuitry, which must be handled by a professional.

The water won’t drain

A damaged pump, clogged drain, or worn-out driver belt may be to blame if water remains in the washer drum after a cycle.

Clothes are still wet at the end of a spin cycle

This indicates a lid malfunction or a burnt-out spin solenoid, which prevents the washer drum from spinning.

Washer vibrates heavily or moves during a cycle

Excess vibration may be due to worn out damper pads or an uneven laundry room surface.

Call Appliance Matters today at 587-894-6180 or email us at to schedule a service appointment.


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