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Hood Fan or Ventilation Repair or Install?

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Kitchens are one of the hardest working rooms in a home and, without the proper ventilation and extraction, all that delicious cooking can lead to a build-up of smoke and grease and eventually stale odours. 

Although hood fans and downdrafts are a vital part of the kitchen, they can often be neglected. One of the reasons people put off dealing with poor ventilation or broken hood fans is because they think they will have to be replaced. While some serious issues may require kitchen exhaust fan replacement, often all that is needed is a reliable ventilation repair service. Appliance Matters is just a "click" away to service your Hood fan/Range Hood, Call us Now and avail our Promo.

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Common Problems With Your Ventilation System

There are some simple issues, such as condensation, that you can deal with yourself, but other problems need the help of a professional. Some of the typical reasons you might need Appliance Matters Services on your kitchen hood repair include:

Loose or Defective Components

Kitchen exhaust fans can be noisy, but if you start to hear a rattling sound, it could mean that some components inside the ventilator are loose or defective.

Broken Motor

If the motor in your ventilation system starts to make a strange noise, it may be time to get it repaired or even replaced. If you cannot raise or lower your downdraft vent, it may be due to a broken or worn-out motor.

Melted Wiring

With all the heat a cooktop blasts out, the wires in a kitchen fan extraction system can sometimes melt. If this happens, the wiring will need to be replaced. Hire a trusted repair company like Appliance Matters who provides ventilation repair to help you with this and ensure your safety.

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