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Dryer Repair


Tumble dryer problems require immediate attention. Contact APPLIANCE MATTERS Appliance Repair for expert repair services by licensed technicians in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Our professionals offer complete clothes dryer repair service at a great price, and we can ensure that your dryer is back to working at its best again ASAP. So don’t just live with a dryer that’s on the fritz. Instead, you can avoid the hassle and save money at the same time by calling APPLIANCE MATTERS for affordable dryer repair in calgary and surrounding areas.

If your tumble dryer is experiencing problems, contact us as soon as possible for dryer repair in Calgary and surrounding areas. Tumble dryer issues may be hazardous to your home, with dryer lint posing a considerable fire risk. 

If you’ve noticed your dryer isn’t performing as well as it used to, get in touch with a professional repair service for the best results, Call Us Now


APPLIANCE MATTERS  is a leading repair company operating in the Calgary and surrounding area. We specialize in same day repairs of all major home appliances. 


Our repair services are delivered by a team of experienced, skilled, and licensed repair technicians. Having performed repair work on virtually every appliance brand, our professional team are capable of tackling whatever dryer issues you’re experiencing. 


We offer a flexible schedule to accomodate customers and most of our repairs are completed on the first visit because we carry quality replacement parts for most brands in our repair vans to get your dryer back up and running. 

Call Appliance Matters today at 587-894-6180 or email us at to schedule a service appointment.


Dryers use a rotating tumbler that circulates heat around your damp clothes and evaporates the moisture. But these complex appliances can sustain damage over time or experience faults with their parts. Some common issues we can fix include:

Your dryer not producing heat

A lack of heat is generally down to a damaged fuse, switch, thermostat, timer, or heating coil. You’ll need a professional technician to diagnose the issue and replace the worn part.

A tumbler that won’t spin

If your dryer runs but the tumbler won’t spin, the belt, motor, roller, or idler pulley may be broken. This type of repair requires a professional approach that our team can perform.

Your dryer not starting

A dryer that fails to start is likely to have a broken thermostat or start switch. Our repair experts can fix this problem quickly and effectively.

Dryer is Overheating

Overheating is often caused by a blocked vent, creating a possible fire hazard. Ensure you contact Appliance Matters for us to inspect and repair this potentially dangerous issue.


We provide replacement parts for damaged and faulty components, such as thermostats, timers, heating coils, belts, motors, rollers, idler pulleys, temperature switches, and fuses.


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